2019 Keynote Speakers

Eduardo GarciaEduardo Garcia

Eduardo Garcia is a chef, outdoorsman, athlete and motivational speaker & the co-founder of a national food brand, Montana Mex. As a professional Eduardo spent over a decade cooking for royalty, the rich and the famous and for people from all over the world and from all walks of life as a Chef in the luxury Yachting industry. The creativity and diversity of Eduardo’s cooking is a product of the seasonal and wild pantry of his upbringing and roots mixed with the luxury experiences and tastes that years of yacht traveling offered.  He has become known for offering unique eating experiences around the world.


During a Montana backcountry hike in October 2011, Eduardo was electrocuted by a buried high voltage power source, where he suffered extensive, life-threatening injuries and had to have his arm amputated.  Today Five years after his Eduardo is the subject of the award winning feature length documentary “Charged”, working on a number of media projects including “A Hungry Life” a tv concept which follows him into the wild places of the world as he creates exceptional food over a campfire and is on a personal mission to help those who are dealing with trauma.  He is a spokesperson and athlete for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a NGO that provides support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles and is on a personal mission to help those who are dealing with traumaTo unwind Eduardo spends his time at home in Montana, tending to his garden, collecting fresh eggs from his chickens and connecting with Mother Nature by hiking the hills with his family.