Global Organic Produce Expo Schedule

Experience new networking opportunities, inspirational speakers, educational sessions, insightful discussions and the rare chance to be among peers from around the world.

PortMiami is one of the world's leading ports for global commerce with more than $1 billion of capital infrastructure projects and investments to transform PortMiami into a major U.S. global gateway. Come see how the Port of Miami works and operates to inspect, protect and clear your fresh produce as it's imported into the country. See the science, security and procedure that gets our business done as an industry. They've graciously allowed us to peel back the curtain and see Custom and Border Patrol for the industry partner they are. Come join us to check it out!

We are cleaning up the beach! Partnered with NGO's that are doing great things around plastic waste. Learn about alternative post consumer use options and to better understand the impact our industry has on plastic packaging.

Not your average trade show golfing event. This one is for everyone of every skill set, and get this... your don't need to love golf, just love fun! We will be pairing off the bays at TopGolf with a great retailer to grower/shipper mix. Enjoy wonderful cross industry mingling, a casual cocktail party along with TopGolf. So whether you golf or just hangout, it doesn't get anymore fun than this! Brighter Bites is the benefiting charity.

Opening the show with an update on policy that our entire industry is built around; Jenny Tucker, Deputy Administrator of the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will be speaking to the latest issues in National Organic Program and compliance and enforcement; from nuance to broad strokes. Jenny Tucker was named deputy administrator of the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) National Organic Program on June 21, 2018. She served as associate deputy administrator of the National Organic Program from 2011-2018.

What fresh produce commodities are seeing retail organic premiums rise and what commodities are seeing organic premiums come under pressure? David Magana, senior analyst for horticulture for Rabobank, will speak to these hot financial topics, and review research Rabobank has conducted on premiums for organic produce at retail. Magana will consider strategies the organic supply chain must employ to manage the balancing act between increasing retailer demand and ensuring grower profitability.

With organic continuing to drive sales gains in produce departments, a panel of key retail thought leaders examines trends behind organic growth, including supply, consumer demand, merchandising strategy, use of private labels and more.

The food system is a significant contributor to one of our greatest threats - climate change. Fortunately, just as poor land-management practices are contributors to climate change, use of good on-farm practices can lead to climate change mitigation. This plenary conversation will explain how organic farming can be part of the climate change solution. We will explore new technologies designed to share effective practices with farmers around the globe. And, we'll hear from the Chair of the U.S. House of Representatives' Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

Packaging - How are organic marketers and consumers responding to consumer desires for sustainable and compostable packaging? What is the attitude of buyers about reducing plastic in packaging over the next few years? Are consumers willing to pay the premium?

Organic 101 - New to the organic industry? Join us to learn the basics of what the organic label does (and doesn't) mean, how it is enforced, and why it is the gold standard for food around the world. We'll discuss produce merchandising best practices with an eye toward alignment with organic regulations, as well as those that have been proven most successful with retailers and shoppers.

Food safety - Food Safety is the backbone of the industry's trust with consumers, join us for a deep dive on tools and tech available to enhance the operational ease of food safety assurances throughout the organic supply chain.

Organic Consumer Messaging for Maximum Impact - A major, industry-invested consumer research project has revealed what drives a shopper to choose organic, what messages penetrate deeper than others, and what attributes of organic are the most valued by today's diverse customers. Come for a produce-focused look at the resulting toolkit, designed to help industry speak with unified voice, using the messages proven to be most compelling to our shoppers.

B2B ease through logistics advancements, it's not just trucking anymore. Moving organic produce all over the world is an everyday reality, and the innovation around tracking and delivering fresh perishables is based on partnerships around transparency and transaction.

Organic Policy Panel - Organic is the most highly regulated food system in the world. Come hear the latest from the individuals at the center of regulatory affairs for this $52 billion sector. Topics will include a review of enforcement actions at the National Organic Program.

This appointment-setting program is a business marketplace for certified organic produce suppliers to have the opportunity to meet growers, food retailers and supermarkets and their authorized buyers and decision makers. BizMATCH! guarantees pre-set meetings with qualified buyers who are currently making purchasing decisions. Exclusive to retailers and Platinum/Diamond exhibitors.

As the Queer Eye food and wine connoisseur, Antoni Porowski brings with him a lifelong passion for food and a history of catering private events in and around New York. While in New York, Antoni found an inspired mentor in the original Fab Five food and wine expert Ted Allen. His work with Allen, combined with his university degree in psychology, uniquely influenced his underlying culinary philosophy: food should tell a story and the heart and the stomach are inter-connected.